Top Solutions



Optical Fiber

Wearable and stable optical fiber,

transfers large data without loss.

Printing Table with Media Suction

Suction power prevents the media from

wrinkling and plugin, ensuring precise printing.

Reasonable Heating System

New 3 heating system, reduce ink drop from spreading and improve printing resolution;

preheating ensures the perfect combination of ink and media; fast drying after printing

enhances color saturation.

Auto Media Feeding System

Three-roller feeding and rack balance pole reduce feeding deviation, prevent media from

moving left and right and wrinkling, improve printing joint efficiency.

Single Printhead Flush Cleaning

Clean each print-head separately, saving ink and making

ink supply to print head fully. Easy operation.

Convenient Print Head Protection

Ingenious design, easy operation, keeps the print

head wet. After turning on the printer power, the

operator just flush out the cleaning solution before

starting printing. Saving time, labor and ink.

High-Performance Software

  • Manual and automatic voltage adjustment to keep in drop diameter
  • jetting speed (6.0m/s) same under different temperature
  • Ripping while printing.
  • Bi-direction calibration and step calibration during printing.

Carriage Height Adjustment

Head Protection

Vaccum Cleaning

Flush Cleaning

Feeding unit

New feeding unit

Drying Fans

Heater Unit


Print Width:3.2m
Print Head:KONICA (made in Japan)
Print Format:KM512LN(42pl)
Print Head Life:About 3 years
Print Head Quantity:4
Print resolution:720dpi
Print Speed2 pass: 40 m2/h, 3 pass: 30 m2/h, 4 pass: 20 m2/h
Head Height:2-4mm, adjustable
Print Mode:Uni/Bi-Direction
Heater:Front Middle and Back Equipped
RIP Software:Wasatch / Photoprint/Maintop
Printhead controls:Printhead temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Ink type:Solvent
Media type:PVC banner, Vinyl, Coating Film, Mesh, One-way vision, Fabric etc
Interface:PCI High-Speed Card
Packing Size(LxWxH): 4880x920x1430mm
Auto Feeding & Take-up:Equipped
Printhead Cleaning:Positive Pressure Print Head Cleaning
Power:Single Phase, 220V/600W-2600W
Work Environment:Temperature 20-28
Rail:Linear Rail
Motor:DC Servo Motor
Media Feeding:Two Rollers
Media Take-up:One Roller
Heater:Pre-Heater, Middle-Heater and Post-Heater
Fan:Double Fans
Printing TableManual Adjustment: Equipped