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Start building a t-shirt, poster, sticker, and decal graphics printing business, all from the comfort of your desktop. With VersaSTUDIO BN-20 printer/cutters, you can print, cut, and create super high-quality graphics without the super high price tag.
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Dental 3D Printer

The SOL LCD Dental 3D Printer,Equipped with the precision of 49-micron pixels, it provides a smooth surface finish with fast, predictable and accurate printing (4.5cm/hour) over the entire 128 x 80 x 140mm build-plate.
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LTT Laser Machine

Best For Embroidery Cutting, PET Cutting, Glass Engraving, Wooden Engraving, Rubber Stamp Maker, Paper Fabrics Cutting, Marble Engraving, And Many More…
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Multi Cam Router

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Our Vision

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. To achieve this, we have established a sales, service and support department in order to provide machine installation, personnel training, maintenance, and other services. Because of our ceaseless pursuit of quality, service and support, we make sure our company values are as high as the standards of our products. Our reliability, quality and efficiency and win-win commitment to total customer value is the reason customers creating wonderful relationships of mutual growth. With the aim to provide privilege of good quality, excellent service and competitive price to customers.

About Top Solutions

Adnan Adada Est. was founded in 1957, a name related to sign supplies in the Mideast as well as the G.C.C. countries.In 1982, and after being graduated in Business Administration, Maher Adada was nominated “ GM “Carrying all the needed experience, technologies and techniques, Maher Adada was the CEO for a new company, founded in 1992 under the legal name of “Maher Adada Est.”.In 2001, Maher Adada became Roland DG Distributor and the sole agent for Lebanon. Roland brand was launched again, in a short time after long years of absence in our market. Our reputation and Roland’s name were the terms of success.In 2004 Maher Adada became the sole agent for Roland DG in West Africa on gradually basics i.e.: have to establish a company in each country.In June 2004 Top Solutions Nigeria Ltd. was established in Lagos (Nigeria) and became the sole agent for Roland DG in Nigeria.In October 2005 Top Solutions Ghana Ltd. was established in Accra (Ghana) and became the sole agent for Roland DG in Ghana.In 2008 Top solutions Ghana and Nigeria are the sole agents for Vutek, an American manufacturer of large format high tech digital printers for West African market.

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