How to Heat Press


Heat pressing is a way to add your own artwork to a clothing item or personal accessory. A printed design, image or text is applied to a shirt, tote bag or other fabric item using even, consistent heat and pressure from a heat press. Follow these steps to heat press a T-shirt.

Choose the image or design the artwork you want to press onto the T-shirt.Ideas include a personal digital photograph, an abstract artistic design or a slogan.

  • Use graphic design software to create or edit your T-shirt’s artwork as necessary. Horizontally flip the image or artwork using the software to reverse it.
Print the reversed image or artwork onto heat transfer paper. Avery is one company that sells this kind of paper. Heat transfer paper should have a clear or opaque film on one side of it.
  • Transfer paper with a clear film on it is used for white or light gray (ash gray) fabrics. Opaque transfer paper is for fabrics in other colors.
  • Load the heat transfer paper into your printer so the artwork or image prints onto the film side of the paper.
Cut out any parts of the transfer paper you do not want to press onto the T-shirt.Because your art’s ink needs the paper’s film to stay on the T-shirt, any unwanted paper you leave will have its film transferred onto the shirt.
Lay the mirrored artwork or image face down over your chosen T-shirt.
Place the artwork and T-shirt in between the plates of a heat press. Apply heat and medium to high pressure from the press to transfer the artwork or image onto the T-shirt.



Warning of using the mug heat press machine

  1. When you change the different mug wrap, you must close the machine and remove the power lead. When the mug wrap is hot please wear heat insulation gloves.
  2. Avoiding heating the mug wrap for long periods of time without a mug in place. If this is likely to happen then use a sacrificial mug in the mug press to avoid prolonged damage to the wrap.
  3. When you use the machine, don’t touch the heat part to prevent burning.
  4. In the process of using, don’t touch the pressure spring to prevent the possible damage.
  5. Engaging the handle: if the pressure is too great, please adjust the thread wheel otherwise, it may damage the machine.
  6. The temperature is shown in “Celsius”
  7. Avoid children using the mug press. Instructions for Digital Mug press machine


Clean the mug surface with tissue paper
Make the image in the central and symmetrical both sides
Put the mug in the center of the mug
Put the mug handle upwards.
Adjust the pressure bar for printing mugs
temperature 110C and the operating temperature 180C