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How companies use our Industrial 3D Solutions

In the era of Industry 4.0, enterprises large and small implement 3D Printing in order to decrease their product development cycle and optimize their go-to-market strategy. 
The use of FFF/FDM technology is often one of the most efficient, versatile and cost-effective technologies in the production of functional prototypes, tooling and final parts. 
3D Printing is one of the fastest ways to make functional prototypes and end-use parts, including those with complex geometries and with high performance/strength requirements. This is our specialty. Push from Rapid Protoyping to Rapid Production with ultra-fast speed.
How are companies implementing industrial 3D technology into their product development and production processes? See real-world examples below!


This 3DWOX 1 is an amazing plug-n-play 3D printer for its price. Its simple interface and simple setup make it ideal for any user interested in a 3D  printer. Now with an open material source, fully automated loading, and remote monitoring from the 3DWOX meets all your demands without breaking the bank. The Sindoh 3DWOX 1 is suitable for serious customers, schools and offices. 


The Sindoh 2X is a professional 3D printer manufactured by South Korean company Sindoh. Highly reliable and it ensures your experience with the product simplest, smoothest, and enjoyable.

It has a multi-material 3D printing feature called IDEX (independent dual extruder). Another feature includes professional desktop 3D printer’s two auto-loading cartridges. Furthermore, it also adjusts the temperature settings according to the loaded material.

Roland Dental 3D Printer

Eliminate Outsourcing and Expand In-House Capabilitieswith the SOL LCD 3D Printer Bundle Distributed by Roland DGA

The SOL LCD 3D Printer offers an open material system, 100+ pre-calibrated materials and compatibility with a wide variety of tools and resins. With no user calibration necessary and selective curing technology, you can quickly and easily produce same-day dental applications that have a long lifespan and eliminate the need for outsourcing.


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